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Just A Fork

The Lauf JAF is a super normally lightweight carbon rigid fork, with triple cage-mounts. In other words, just a fork.
You can still go on crazy fun adventures on the JAF. Even pavement and gravel on the one and same adventure. Mix things up a bit, do something out of the box.


The Lauf JAF is packed with features - even though it's just a fork. Plus, you’ll be slicing the air like a cheese grader on semi-frozen butter. So, you can just hop on and just ride into the wild - like a normal person.


Triple Cage Mounts

The JAF has double triple cage mounts. That means there are three attachment points on each leg - yes there are two legs. The mounts are great when you go bike-packing. We recommend not loading the fork too much as it can affect handling - 1.000g on each side is what we recommend.


Lauf Thru-Axle

The JAF comes with the Lauf thru-axle, which is lightweight and strong - super strong. Like very very strong. You're welcome, enjoy!


Integrated Crown Race

We love integrating things. Therefore it just seemed natural to integrate the crown race. As if that isn't cool enough - integrated crown race makes the structure strong and secure

Two Legs (One) Crown

With the TLC design we went above and beyond - in order to get out-of-this-world lateral stiffness. The JAF utilises two legs merging at the crown and connected thru the hub with the legendary Lauf thru-axle. Not so tender but still loving and caring.


Brake Hose Mounts

The JAF has two brake hose mounts, which is essential so your brake cable doesn't get tangled in the spokes. Just ride


  • Wheel Size

    700c / 27.5"

    The wheel sizes the JAF supports.

  • Max Tire Width

    45 mm (700c) / 2.1" (27.5")

    The maximum width of tire with room for the elements.

  • Axle Size

    12x100 mm or 15x100 mm

    The diameter of the thru-axle can be 12mm or 15mm for a hub width of 100mm. The actual axle length is 128mm.

  • Axle To Crown

    400 mm

    The height of the fork measured from the centre of the axle to the centre of the crown race.

  • Rake

    45 mm


  • Steerer Tube

    Tapered 1 1/8" - 1 1"2"

    The steerer also has an integrated crown race with an angle of 45°.

  • Min. Rotor Size

    160 mm

    Max. rotor size is 180mm. Please use 20mm spacers to achieve the correct fit.

  • Weight Limit

    110 kg / 243 lbs

    This is your own weight with gear.

  • Weight

    435 g

    Weight is measured with 250 mm long steerer and axle in place.


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