Lauf Smoothie Gravel Handlebar




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Product type: Suspension

Vendor: Lauf Forks Canada

Tags: bike, dropbar, gravel, handlebar


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Eats vibrations.

The Lauf Smoothie dropbar is designed to eat vibrations. The perfect match for gravel and rough pavement. The Smoothie gives you increased comfort wherever you choose to place your hands, with most comfort in the most common hand positions - in the hoods or the drops. Tuck in and just ride!


The Lauf Smoothie is packed features. We didn't know it was possible to pack so many features into such a small product - yet so light and strong. It raises the bar so high you just might think it hovers ahead of the future. So shocking!


Smooth Zone

The Lauf Smoothie handlebar eats vibrations for breakfast, isolating you from the hum of the road. Flex where you need it the most, in the hoods and the drops. Utilising the same tough and flexible S2 glass fibers we us in the springs.



Flared Drops

Being in control and being comfortable is so important. Flared drops give you both. Control in gnarly descents and more position on the long haul. As a bonus you're sooo aero when rocking the drops.


Snug Multiposition Corners

Have you ever held something that just seems to be made for your hand? Lik'a glove. The snug corner does exactly that - fits in your palm. This gives you even more positions and and a place to rest your hands when your tired of being aero for hours in the drops.


Backswept Top

Laid back, swept back - baby got back. Backswept goodness for those steep climbs. Just pull those bars and yourself to the top.


  • Width

    400 / 420 / 440 mm

    The width, center to center, on top of the hood zone.

  • Drop Width

    470 / 490 / 510 mm

    The width, center to center, between the end of the drops.

  • Reach

    80 mm

    The length from the center of the clamp area to the front of the bar.

  • Drop

    125 mm

    The height, center to center, between the hood zone and drops.

  • Flare


    The angle the drops flare out from a vertical line down from the hood zone.

  • Back Sweep

    The angle the top sweeps back from a horizontal line through the stem.

  • Weight

    ~240 g


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